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Cool Under Pressure - Since 1981

At Westaire Air Conditioning and Heating Limited, we're passionate about problem solving and harnessing technology to streamline building maintenance operations.

Westaire Technicians

Since 1981, Westaire has been growing strong, combining a thirst for technology with an old-school work ethic. Years of experience and the continuous training of our service technicians means top quality maintenance and service for your equipment—and peace of mind for you.


Why we've been in business for 27 years…

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Experience matters.

Wayne Anderson, founder and co-owner of the company, has a lifetime of experience in design and maintenance of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems. His personal drive to continue growing, utilizing and sharing that knowledge with his team of professionals is unparalleled.

Experience isn't something that you can learn in a course. It's acquired every day, working on projects of all sizes. And it's passed from one technician to another, through shared knowledge and teamwork. At Westaire, our younger service technicians are guided by some of the most experienced practioners in the field. It's one of the reasons why we've been so successful over the past quarter-century.

We're there when you need us.

Our maintenance contracts are designed to give you peace of mind. Our professionals are on call 24/7 to serve your needs and maintain your equipment to the highest standards.

Proper design and maintenance allows us to craft sytems that are durable and reliable, but there's always an X-factor. Our team is prepared to respond swiftly and effectively if there is any kind of an issue, from equipment failure to emergency damage or repairs. It's important for us to be always ready, always invloved. You can depend on it.

It takes an entire community to raise a child.

Westaire contributes to many local charities and organizations, but none are closer to our heart than the Mississauga Waterfront Festival. Westaire co-owner Pat Anderson has been the driving force for this festival for the past ten years and her hard work and determination has allowed more than 24,000 children to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Pat continues to raise funds and awareness throughout Missisauga, providing joy and laughter for the people who need it most: our kids. Learn more at the Mississauga Waterfront Festival official site.

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Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow…

At Westaire, we want to make our living environments comfortable today. But we also recognize our responsibility to leave the earth's environment healthy for our grand-children. Our technicians are environmentally aware, and our equipment and processes are earth-friendly.

Our Sustainability Statement…