Westaire Air Conditioning & Heating Ltd.

Our Sustainability Statement

Many organizations are jumping on the bandwagon and publishing documents about their green initiatives. However, Westaire has long considered the effect of our actions on the environment, our staff, and our customers. As part of our commitment to conducting business with integrity and responsibility, we have endeavoured to be a responsible corporate steward of the environment and, whenever possible, encouraged eco-friendly business practices.


Our Clients:

Energy-efficient HVAC technologies can be at the forefront in reducing emissions and minimizing the threat to the global climate. Whenever possible, Westaire supports our client's environmental initiatives and encourages our partners to work with us to enhance and protect our environment by:

  • Installing the most energy efficient heating and air conditioning units available
  • Encouraging ongoing routine maintenance to ensure the highest operational efficiency of all HVAC equipment
  • Properly balancing HVAC operation throughout buildings so that unoccupied zones use reduced heating and cooling
  • Reviewing packaging options to reduce waste
  • Increasing knowledge of eco-friendly technology
  • Leveraging data and technology to reduce redundant activity

Our Workplace:

Increased environmental awareness in our core business practices is important to Westaire. Where possible, we seek to integrate sustainability practices into our company's operations such as:

  • Established recycling programs
  • Utilizing post-consumer materials, such as paper towels, bathroom tissue and paper needs
  • Turning off lights and reducing heating and air conditioning when not in use
  • Utilizing technology to reduce paper internally and externally

Our Community:

Westaire is proud of our involvement in our community. But more than just participating in supporting local organizations, we actively encourage our neighbours and friends to:

  • Switch to fluorescent lighting
  • Regulate thermostats and turn down water heaters to reduce carbon emissions
  • Purchase ENERGYSTAR qualified appliances and technology
  • Participate in community recycling and clean-up efforts in the Mississauga area

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