Westaire Air Conditioning & Heating Ltd.

We've Got You Covered

  • Air Conditioning layout & design
  • Heating layout & design
  • Refrigeration & process chillers
  • Process heating
  • Contracts for mechanical maintenance
  • Ductwork & ventilation
  • Computer room installation
  • Energy conservation & recovery
  • Plumbing & heating PH-111
  • Water source heat pumps
  • Towers
  • Boilers
  • Coolers
  • Freezers

We offer preventative and full comprehensive maintenance contracts for yearly and multiple-year durations.

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow…

At Westaire, we want to make our living environments comfortable today. But we also recognize our responsibility to leave the earth's environment healthy for our grand-children. Our technicians are environmentally aware, and our equipment and processes are earth-friendly.